Lab Photos

2018- Lab Christmas BBQ @ Coogee beach

Aadam, Gavin, Emma, Irina, Nicole, Lucy, Akira.

2018 - Lab trip in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Nicole, Irina, Gavin.

2018- First version of the Sutton et al. paper.

In a sweet interpretation by Akira Gokool for Gavin's birthday.


2017 - labmeeting with our collaborator Karina Griesi Oliveira. With Brasilian and Australian sweets.

Firoz, Julia, Nicole, Akira, Shuchi, Irina, Gordon, Karina. 

2017 - Packing up the old lab and moving in a brand new lab!


2016 - 


2015 - Labmeeting on the library lawn

Akira, Callum, Kavin, Hughie, Alexiy, Jim, Irina.

2014 - Unexpected lab visitor

2013 - The start!